Simplify more.

The advanced art is in the fundamentals remember?

Take a basic technique or a simple combination. If you are a YKM person it might be Bui Choi, Mor Kuil or ye olde Monk Disrobing. Or why not just that evergreen Biu Jee – Sat Choi combo. Feeling adventurous, maybe pick something a bit more complex like Lion Rolls the Ball.

Set aside several hours for a fun little game. Eat something to give you energy before you start. Drink plenty of fluids too.

Now practice the technique you selected over and over and over and over and over and over and…

…do ten thousand repetitions in a single training session.

We call this the “Ten Thousand Experience”. Expect it to take at least 3-4 hours to complete depending on the moves involved. Make sure to practice left and right sides equally. Don’t rush through it, perform each repetition correctly.

After the first half-hour you might start feeling a bit tired and bored. Remember that this is all just in your head. You’re really not that weak and every repetition is unique so how can you be truly bored? It’s simply your mind revolting against the drill, don’t accept boredom, banish mediocracy and keep going. Mindset matters. Focus on making each repetition as perfect as you possibly can. Don’t let tiredness become an excuse for sloppy technique or shitty focus. It will get easier after the first hour anyway as you “enter the zone”.

If you forget how many repetitions you’ve done, you have to start over at the latest number you can remember. Such are the rules of the game. No cheating allowed so it’s best to stay focused.

Once you’ve made it through to the end; rest, relax, refill, recover. Enjoy the feeling of knowing that you’ve done more repetitions and learned more about your chosen technique in an afternoon than most people do in months of half-hearted “I’m just here for the pretty colored belt bragging rights” training.

To quote Zig Ziglar: “Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment”.

You don’t want to play this game too often, it does wear you down a bit, but it’s a wonderful way to explore your art. If you’ve never tried it, I really recommend giving it a go. Have fun with it!

Train hard, stay safe!