What is the VIDAR training program?

VIDAR CORE is our foundation self-protection training program. It is very intense and usually taught during two - three consecutive days (minimum 10 hours of training each day, morning through evening). It is designed for professionals [...]

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Why is your combatives program named VIDAR?

VIDAR is an acronym for the mindset and primary tactics instilled throughout the VIDAR program; Violent Intent Direct Aggressive Response. We believe that developing your mindset is the most important aspect of self-protection training. You can [...]

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What is Wun Yuen Yat Hei Jeung?

Wun Yuen Yat Hei Jeung (Primordial Chaos One Qi Palm, sometimes called Wun Yuen Gong) is a Daoist internal martial art which includes Qi Gong exercises, meditation, conditioning, push-hands, self-defence, free sparring, tui na and the 64-section [...]

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What is Yau Kung Mun?

Overview Yau Kung Mun is a rare internal Shaolin martial art characterized by its aggressive tactics and effective fighting techniques, including the use of the Phoenix Eye Fist and short range shock power. The history of [...]

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About Christer Lundenius

Christer Lundenius is a life-long martial artist and the most senior student of Christer Wretfors Sifu, having trained with him since the first class opened in Alnarp in 1997. He has also been a practitioner of [...]

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About Christer Wretfors Sifu

Christer Wretfors Sifu has studied traditional martial arts since 1986 and modern combatives since 1994. He received his first instructor’s title in 1995 and opened his first class teaching internal martial arts, self-defence and Qigong in [...]

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What is the purpose of the society?

The Swedish Yau Kung Mun & Wun Yuen Gong Research Society was created by a small group of veteran martial artists in order to: Research and preserve Shaolin Yau Kung Mun (Shaolin Style of Flexible Power) [...]

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