VIDAR is an acronym for the mindset and primary tactics instilled throughout the VIDAR program; Violent Intent Direct Aggressive Response. We believe that developing your mindset is the most important aspect of self-protection training. You can have the greatest physique in the world, with absolutely flawless fighting technique, but if you aren’t mentally prepared to deal with extreme aggression and violence, then you will still become just another “+1” when the yearly “victims of violent crime” statistics are compiled.

Also since our training program is a Swedish creation, we like the idea of having a name that pays tribute to our Scandinavian heritage.

One of the lesser known gods of the Norse mythology is Odin’s son Vidar (sometimes also spelled Vidarr, Vithar etc). Known primarily as a god of vengeance, he only gets a few mentions in the Poetic Edda. His main claim to fame is slaying the Fenris wolf during Ragnarök after the wolf killed his father. He is described as one of the strongest gods, almost as powerful as the mighty Thor himself. Beyond the acronymn, the VIDAR combatives program is named after him for several reasons, a few of which will be briefly discussed here.

The god Vidar is a powerful symbol representing the vengeful warrior who only uses violence to protect himself and his loved ones. In VIDAR we are not really concerned with “humane” self-defense where the enemy is pampered into submission, so it is important to have a strong moral code to provide guidance for when violence can be considered an acceptable option.

Additionally, we are firm believers in the 7 Ps. The 7 Ps are an acronym for “Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss-Poor Performance”. In other words, the better prepared you are, the greater your chances when bad things eventually happen. Vidar was well prepared when he slayed Fenris. He even wore a special shoe that he had made for this specific occasion. The shoe was reinforced with thick layers of leather which allowed him to step on the lower jaw of the wolf and then rip it open. Without the shoe, he might have met the same fate as his father Odin. This story shows the importance of the 7 Ps and how they have been observed by warriors throughout the ages.

Vidar is also known as the quiet god. In other words, don’t brag about your training, don’t show off in front of people and don’t get tricked into fighting if staying silent and walking away is an option. It isn’t about fake humility, it’s about maximizing and maintaining your advantage.

“The wolf shall fell the father of men,
And this shall Vithar avenge;
The terrible jaws shall he tear apart,
And so the wolf shall he slay.” / Vafthruthnismol, stanza 53