Christer Wretfors Sifu has studied traditional martial arts since 1986 and modern combatives since 1994. He received his first instructor’s title in 1995 and opened his first class teaching internal martial arts, self-defence and Qigong in 1997. A practitioner of Yau Kung Mun since 2002, Bak Mei since 2003 and Wun Yuen Yat Hei Jeung since 2005. Creator of the VIDAR and Gryphon Personal Security programs. He also has extensive experience teaching other arts including Bak Fu Pai, Wing Chun and Yang-style Taijiquan.

Christer Sifu currently lives with his family in Hässleholm, Sweden, where he teaches private Yau Kung Mun and Wun Yuen Yat Hei Jeung classes only. Enrollment for new students is currently closed.