Wun Yuen Yat Hei Jeung (Primordial Chaos One Qi Palm, sometimes called Wun Yuen Gong) is a Daoist internal martial art which includes Qi Gong exercises, meditation, conditioning, push-hands, self-defence, free sparring, tui na and the 64-section long form.

Wun Yuen Yat Hei means Primordial First Qi, or Original First Breath, which refers to the Primordial Chaos that exists before the duality of Yin and Yang is formed.

The system was founded in the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD) by two senior disciples of the legendary sage Lao Tzu, named Ngai Bak Yeung and Chiu Chi, who created the art in order to attain the Six Unions. The first Five Unions focus on coordination of the Body, Heart, Intent, Qi, Spirit and Movement. The Sixth Union combines Movement with Void, which can also be described as natural coordination of the previous Five Unions without the need to actively focus on them. This is the Daoist principle of Wu Wei or non-doing, where action becomes spontaneous and effortless.

The last true Grandmaster of the Wun Yuen Yat Hei Jeung system was the late Lo Chi Wun (Hong Kong) and the last true Gatekeeper was his student Grandmaster Cornelius Coelho (Australia) who sadly passed away in January 2015.