VIDAR CORE is our foundation self-protection training program. It is very intense and usually taught during two consecutive days (minimum 10 hours of training each day, morning through evening). It is designed for professionals and currently not offered to the general public.

  • Security awareness, the 7 Ps, identifying and avoiding threats.
  • Fundamental de-escalation skills, body language, verbal commands, common behavioural patterns.
  • Natural reactions – working with your instincts, not against them.
  • Core movements – fundamental fighting techniques.
  • Power generation – developing explosive, knockout power.
  • Line, Circle, Gate – identifying and intercepting attacks, the interview stance, Maximum Buffer Theory.
  • Reaction drills – conditioned reflexes, trained triggers, peripheral vision.
  • Auto-kinematics – body manipulations and targeting weak points.
  • Mindset – developing focused aggression and dispassion.
  • Practical self-protection – dealing with the most common attacks.
  • Mass attack – fighting multiple enemies.
  • Realistic training scenarios – pressure testing while roleplaying various self-defense situations using all skills learned.
  • The aftermath – checking for injuries and basic first aid, legal considerations.

VIDAR EDGE is our fundamental edged weapons training program. Minimum time required is two full days of training (10 hrs per day).

Prerequisite: VIDAR CORE.

  • Repetition of VIDAR CORE – basic unarmed combatives.
  • Combative blade I – fundamental edged weapon techniques.
  • Counter-blade – unarmed survival against edged weapons.

VIDAR IMPROV & GUN teaches improvised weapons, gun disarms and team work. Minimum time required is one full day of training (10 hrs).

Prerequisites: VIDAR CORE and VIDAR EDGE.

  • Repetition of CORE – basic unarmed combatives.
  • Repetition of EDGE – combative blade and counter-blade.
  • IMPROV – improvised weapon techniques using pens, flashlights, keys and other items.
  • GUN – fundamental tactics and firearm disarms, active shooter situation survival.
  • Team work – introduction to assisting third person during violent situations.

The VIDAR CONTINUUM is for advanced students who have completed our fundamental training courses. At this point, you are free to explore all our training methods, including advanced self-protection training and other supplemental training programs such as VIDAR DRIVE and VIDAR TRAVEL


  • Advanced unarmed and armed combatives.
  • VIDAR DRIVE, defensive driving skills and vehicle safety.
  • VIDAR TRAVEL, security awareness and planning for frequent travellers.
  • VIDAR HOME, securing and defending your home environment.