The Swedish Yau Kung Mun & Wun Yuen Gong Research Society was created by a small group of veteran martial artists in order to:

  • Research and preserve Shaolin Yau Kung Mun (Shaolin Style of Flexible Power) with an emphasis on the fighting methods and inner training of the Flexible Power 18 Double Pushing Palms internal system.
  • Research and preserve Wutaishan Wun Yuen Yat Hei Jeung (Mount Wutai Primordial Chaos One Qi Palm), aka Wun Yuen Gong, with an emphasis on the fighting methods, internal alchemy and the philosophical roots of the art.
  • Further develop and continuously adapt the VIDAR (Violent Intent Direct Aggressive Response) and Gryphon personal security training programs to the ever-changing demands of the society in which we live.
  • Continue the research and instructor development aspects of the organization previously known as Warrior Body Buddha Mind Europe of which Christer Wretfors Sifu was a co-founder and chief instructor.

Note that we are not a teaching organization. Individual society members are free to teach at their discretion but this is not the purpose of the society itself.

The work of our society is dedicated to the memory of our late Grandmaster Cornelius Coelho of Wun Yuen Yat Hei Jeung.

We have not forgotten. We will never forget. 週天要義混元訣